Carmel Direct

As the head chefs of Carmel Direct’s marketing domain, which include four unique brands, we turned Carmel Direct’s marketing journey into a resounding success. We were exclusively responsible for all marketing efforts: managing all social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok), branding, creating catalogs, writing articles, complex automations of analysis systems, creating visual and written content and more.


Managing social media platforms for Carmel Direct has become an incredible showcase of kitchen innovation. Each post unfolds the story of excellence, inviting the audience to explore the diverse world of innovations that Carmel Direct has to offer. Our branding efforts went beyond logos and colors; They encapsulated the essence of each brand’s culinary offering and the innovative touch that sets them apart in the market.

The catalogs we created weren’t just lists of products; They were an awe-inspiring display of culinary revolution. From kitchen accessories, through stoves, grills, smokers to perfect outdoor kitchens, the creation of our catalog and visual content is designed to stimulate the senses and the imagination.


Behind the scenes we will streamline processes with CRM to ERP automations. From order management to customer interactions, these automations ensured Carmel Direct’s operations were as seamless as the culinary experiences they provided. In addition, we built innovative and smart measurement systems that made it possible to delve into consumer behaviors, market trends and product preferences, which fed into smart and successful strategic decisions.

And with smart strategic decisions come perfect results: increased brand awareness, heightened engagement, streamlined operations, and a market presence that resonated with culinary enthusiasts. Carmel Direct’s marketing journey became a testament to the power of blending tradition with innovation.



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