Hasharon Awnings

As a growing company, Hasharon Awnings has quite an impressive arsenal of shading solutions, yet its online presence is not as impressive. Our challenge was to illuminate the utility of their products, shifting the spotlight from mere presence to showcasing how each solution seamlessly integrates functionality into daily living.



We commenced by formulating marketing messages that highlighted the practical applications of folding awnings, fixed awnings, pergolas, and more. Social media became a hub of functionality, managed with precision to deliver not just visual and written content but practical insights into how each product could enhance homes. Extensive PPC campaigns ensured that these functional solutions reached those actively seeking them.

The results proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the strategy was successful: brand awareness increased, and sales increased along with it. Hasharon Awnings once overshadowed online, have grown and continue to grow, providing functional shading solutions for thousands of homes in Israel.

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