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Our project with Molek Lapidot was one of the most challenging and exciting projects since the establishment of our agency – to create an infrastructure from scratch. This project involved taking physical products and turning them into images, creating 3D simulations, producing product drawings, and meticulously collecting data and measurements for hundreds of products. The result was not just a professional catalog, but a comprehensive makeover that extended to product portfolios, brochures, a brand-new website and spectacular exhibition stands. Molk Lapidot’s marketing campaign was a testimony to the importance of building infrastructure and the art of creation from the ground up.

The challenge was monumental. We brought the products to life, literally, by bringing up a truck loaded with Molk Lapidot’s product offering. then we created photos, 3D simulations, and detailed product drawings. From the raw data and measurements collected, we created a professional catalog. Each product had its own place, with detailed information, specifications, and visual details.

Following that, we took the next big step:  creating a new digital center – a brand new detailed website. The site has become an extension of the catalog and provides a user-friendly platform where customers can explore Molk Lapidot’s products, their applications, and the company’s commitment to excellence. Then, we conceived and built unique concepts for exhibition stands that not only reflected the products but also conveyed Molk Lapidot’s commitment to innovation.

Molk Lapidot has turned from a company that sells products physically to having a comprehensive marketing arsenal in print and online. The catalog, the website, the product portfolios, the brochures, and the exhibition stands –  all together became a fertile ground showing the growth potential of Molk Lapidot’s infrastructure solutions.

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