Embarking on Ortal’s marketing journey was like kindling a small flame that would evolve into a roaring fire, radiating warmth and brilliance across continents. When we joined forces, Ortal was a humble family business aspiring to take over the fireplace market in Israel and around the world. Fast forward to today, and Ortal stands as an innovative inferno spanning Israel, the USA, and Europe, with a flame that shows no signs of dimming.




Our strategy was crafted with precision: From the flickering flames of social media to branding, we carefully tended to every aspect. We created a unique brand that spread like fire throughout social media, managed PPC campaigns that skyrocketed sales and brand awareness, created spectacular videos, in-depth content, and mesmerizing visuals, and built complex automation that connects CRM and ERP. In the real world, we devised catalogs that sparked desire, built websites in eight different languages, and set alight marketing presentations that illuminated Ortal’s story in boardrooms, investor meetings, and beyond.

With every marketing element meticulously tended to, Ortal’s fireplaces have transcended mere functionality, evolving into the epitome of exclusive art adorning homes across Israel and the globe (even the mega superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has multiple designs of Ortal’s fireplaces at his humble home) Once a modest flame, the brand became a blazing trailblazer in the industry. The fire we ignited warmed homes and a global passion for Ortal’s innovative fireplaces.



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