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Pasta Ricco

Some will say that engaging in marketing a brand like Pasta Ricco – the leading fresh pasta brand in Israel – is extremely simple… after all, who needs to be convinced to eat pizza and pasta?

But to be honest, our challenge was not just to stare at tantalizing images of pasta and then eat a cottage cheese sandwich or a salad but to convey to the audience the feeling of Italy’s smells, tastes, and vibes through delightful visuals and engaging content.


Managing social media for Pasta Ricco became a visual feast celebrating Italian cuisine’s art. Each post has been carefully designed to showcase fresh pasta’s beauty, pizza dough’s taste, and special pasta varieties’ uniqueness. The social media platforms became an immersive experience, inviting the audience to savor the richness of Pasta Rico.

The creation of each image and video was done to stimulate all the senses – the vibrant colors, the textures of the pasta, and the aroma of freshly baked pizza dough came to life in each visual, stimulating the audience’s taste buds and passions. Creating content involved creating a narrative that revealed the story of taste, quality, and the unmistakable Italian vibe. From the origins of fresh pasta to the versatility of pizza dough, our fascinating content is designed not only to inform and excite but to build a community: contests, sharing recipes, and interactive posts have turned the audience into a community of Pasta Ricco lovers, who share happiness in every post and bite.

The results were a celebration of success – increased engagement, a growing community, and increased brand recognition. Pasta Ricco’s presence on social media evolved into a celebration of flavors, creating a digital experience where each post allowed the audience to taste Italy.

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