Marketing Management


The process of increasing awareness and spreading the word of Politiv, a company that produces a variety of smart sheets for agriculture and industry, was a long and complex growth process. The marketing strategy was clear: to do everything necessary to position Politiv as a key player in both agriculture and industry. To this end, we turned to precise social media marketing, created new branding, designed catalogs, developed content, and produced promotional videos that brought to life the growth facilitated by Politiv’s innovative products.

Crafting a brand for Politiv wasn’t just about visuals; it was about nurturing a distinct identity that echoed growth. The branding efforts delved into the heart of agriculture and industry and created a visual language that spoke to the needs of the audience and the innovative nature of Politiv’s smart sheets. Creating catalogs was a meticulous process of harvesting information and planting ideas. Each page became an area where a variety of smart canvases flourished. The production of the image videos included long hours of planning, writing, filming and turning the spotlight on Politiv’s innovative products.

The result was continuous growth – Politiv became a recognized and leading brand in the field of agriculture and industry in Israel and abroad and expanded to countless new locations around the world.

Social Media Marketing



The results were a bountiful harvest—increased social media engagement, a recognized brand in agriculture and industry circles, and a catalogue that became a reference point for smart sheet solutions. Politiv’s marketing journey reaped the rewards of cultivating recognition in fields that spanned agriculture and industry.

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