Prime Minister’s Office

Revolutionizing Mobility at EcoMotion Expo

Commissioned to conceptualize, create, and execute a unique exhibition for the EcoMotion community—an initiative established in 2012 by the Directorate of Fuel Substitutes in the Prime Minister’s Office and the Israel Institute for Innovation—we embarked on a mission to bring the complex concept of Fuel Substitutes to the forefront. The challenge lay in translating the intricate concept of Fuel Substitutes into an engaging experience for the general public. Our task was not only to create an exhibition but to design an immersive environment that would bring innovative mobility and smart transportation to life.



We conceptualized, designed, and executed a sprawling racing track spanning over 1400 square meters. The track featured a myriad of booths, each hosting different vehicles operating on fuel substitutes—ranging from cars to scooters and motorcycles. Operated by students and members of the EcoMotion community, these vehicles became the embodiment of innovative mobility.

The event proved to be a massive success, with thousands of participants driving through the racing track. Special live broadcasts from Tel Aviv Radio, Ynet, and other media outlets amplified the reach of the innovative mobility showcased at the EcoMotion Expo. The racing track became a symbol of progress, with each vehicle representing a step towards a smarter, more sustainable transportation future. The exhibition successfully bridged the gap between complexity and public understanding, turning a technical concept into a tangible, immersive experience that resonated with thousands.

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