Events & Exhibitions


Siemens’s diverse portfolio demanded marketing initiatives that reflected not only the products but also the spirit of innovation that fueled their advancements. From crafting simulations of smart factories to designing impressive booths for major conventions, the challenges were not just about showcasing products but immersing audiences in the innovation journey.


One of our flagship projects unfolded in the creation of a Smart Factory Simulation. We conceptualized a walking route of pavilions that meticulously simulated a production chain, showcasing the transformation into a smart factory. From the inception of the concept to pavilion design, production, and construction, we were the architects of an immersive experience that unraveled the future of manufacturing.

At the annual Electricity and Energy Convention, we conceived an awe-inspiring booth that brought Siemens’s activities in electricity and energy to life. Our unique concept, serving custom cocktails and drinks to visitors, turned the booth into a magnetic focal point. This innovative fusion drew attention, creating a buzz and ensuring the event became a colossal success, with Siemens standing out in the field of energy and innovation.



Besides these projects, there were many more and no less prominent: For clients flying to Siemens events, we introduced a unique magazine, an elevated reading experience at altitude. This in-flight magazine delved into intriguing articles on Siemens’s fields of expertise, fostering a buzz around innovation and countless graphic designs, product brochures, newsletters, and many other projects. The results spoke of a trailblazing journey – heightened brand recognition, immersive client experiences, and a palpable buzz around Siemens’s innovative prowess. Each project wasn’t just a marketing initiative but an expedition into the future of innovation.
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