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When the collaboration between Snapir and Effecto began, we aspired to make Snapir’s aluminum creations – pergolas, gates, railings, and fences, a must-have item in every home.

Snapir was well-known in Israel, but its digital presence did not reach its full potential.

And then we took matters into our own hands.

Our challenge was to make the brand a household name and position its products not only as necessary functional elements but as aluminum works of art.

Our strategy reflected the precision of aluminum craftsmanship. We started by forming a new digital identity and branding and building a new and improved website that reflected the sophistication of Snapir’s creations. With a special focus on social media, we created a kind of new online gallery, where, using visual and written narratives, precise sponsored promotion, and complex automation processes, turned the gates, fences, railings, and pergolas into impressive displays.

The impact was profound – brand awareness reached new heights, sales increased, and Snapir’s aluminum creations decorated hundreds of homes in Israel. The elevated presence in the virtual arena not only strengthened existing products but paved the way for the development of new and innovative additions to the company’s repertoire.




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