The Israeli Construction Center

The Israeli Construction Center is a well-known and branched institution with many projects, functions, and successes that make up the world of Israeli construction and real estate.



When we took over the diverse projects of the Israeli Construction Center, we set our goal to make the institution even more successful and well-known than it was until now and to rebuild the online presence of the Israel Construction Center College, the Ultima School of Design and the annual conference for architects and designers. From social media management to branding, complex automation processes, PPC campaign management, presentations, event management, and more, we decided to lay the foundations for success of the online construction and design field.

At the Construction Center College and Ultima, we have formulated new narratives that reshape the learning experience in the fields of construction, design, and real estate. Our marketing efforts have made the college a launching point for a career in the dynamic world of construction and design.

Besides that, we exclusively marketed all the International Conference for Architects and Designers activities. We orchestrated marketing initiatives that went beyond conventional boundaries. From rich content on social media to event management that brought lectures and experiential workshops to life, our efforts transformed the conference into a pivotal event for architects and designers, shaping perspectives and fostering innovation in the field.

The results were amazing – increased brand visibility and engagement and a cohesive narrative woven into each project. The marketing campaign of the Israeli Construction Center has become a model for how strategic marketing can build not only success – but also communities and careers.




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