The Knesset (Israeli parliament)

Our collaboration with the Knesset focused on managing two PPC campaigns on social media – one focused on increasing the number of visits to the Knesset’s Visitor Center and the other on recruiting employees for the Knesset Guard. In both cases, our solutions brought not only successful results but also process optimization and efficient budget management.



For the Knesset Visitor Center campaign, we revolutionized the registration process by creating a digital platform that managed the registration of visiting hours and made the process more intuitive and convenient for all parties. This optimization not only improved the visitor experience but also streamlined the registration process. In addition, for both campaigns, we reached our goals in less than half of the given period and used only one-third of the budget allocated to the campaign!

In light of the thorough work and excellent achievements, our office was even chosen to serve as a member of the committee to select the person responsible for leading the Knesset’s activities on social networks. This recognition was a testament to our dedication, efficiency, and understanding of the field of legislation in the digital space.

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