Tigbur LTD – Example

In our collaboration with Tigbur Ltd., a multifaceted Israeli group of companies spanning HR and caregiving services, security services, accessibility services, and profitable real estate, we embarked on a comprehensive marketing journey that encapsulated the essence of people, assistance, and security. Our responsibilities spanned social media management, branding, PPC, and the transformation of “Vatikim Ba’avoda” into a symbol of support and community.



Our social media management efforts became a platform for connecting hearts and services. From HR and caregiving to security and real estate, we crafted narratives that showcased Tigbur Ltd.’s impact on people’s lives. Human-centric content and engagement strategies turned social media into a community hub for those seeking assistance and security.

In the branding transformation of “Vatikim ba’avoda,” we created a visual identity that symbolized assistance and community. The new branding, social media designs, and content echoed Tigbur Ltd.’s commitment to supporting and empowering individuals in the workforce.

The results were amazing: increasing visibility on social media, creating engagement, and a uniform brand identity made the digital presence of the Tigbur Group the leading place to request assistance and help. By creating branding, strategies, and content for social media, we contributed to the mission of Tigbur Group to be more than a service provider – but an authoritative source of assistance and security for all their clients.

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